Brief Chevelle History

1964- Chevy introduces it's attractive intermediate Super Sport (SS) know as the 1964 Chevelle Malibu SS. Available in Hardtop Coupe, and Convertible. At this time Chevy prohibited intermediate models from having a 400ci motor. Most came with sixes or the popular 327 V8. This was to preserve the Corvette Legacy.

1965- Very few changes occurred between the models. Some minor changes to the grill, and lights. w/a few more options

1966- Although Chevy's 327 had great power for a small shelled 66' the introduction of the 396ci motor changed the Chevelle's history as we know it. The Chevelle became a bit more extravagant in this year.

1967- As the Chevelle grew in popularity so did it counter parts in the other Big Three (AMC,CPD,and Ford) so Chevy Decided to head in a different direction.

1968- In this year the muscle car explosion was in full swing with the new "performance era" upon us. 1968 brought the new "Split wheelbase" this made the 2 door models shorter (4inches) than the 4 door model. Now the BIG BLOCK!

1969- As Chevrolet was know for it sculptured bodies it was the power under the hood that made them popular. With the introduction of the Big Block i.e. RAT 396 / 454 / 502 changed the Chevelle once again...1969 was the turning point.

1970- In 1970 the Chevelle era began taking a turn for the worst. The gas crunch was beginning to take affect as was the emission laws becoming stricter.

1971- The Chevelle SS, and the Malibu sales were still good, but many imports began flooding the American market. The Chevelle would maintain the popular body style for one more year with options...yes options of the Big V8.

1972- With the gas crunch in full swing now Chevy started making more Malibu's w/307 V8's and the return of the sixes. O my what happened. 1972 Chevelle had very little changes from the 71's minor grill changes and turn signal changes.


1973- Keeping a big body Chevelle once again headed for a new look with squarer lines and longer styling which became less popular w/chevelle fans. 1973 became known as the first forgotten year.

1974- Was a Chevelle a muscle car still...I say yes. The V8 was now know as a "Gas Hog" so many opted to go with the 6cylinder. Starting to lack power..the big car needed a Big Mill! Why? Chevy Why?

1975- Chevelle Malibu...fading from the lime light...became a slow seller. Replaced by the "Disco Era" Nova's Chevelle would not survive long.

1976- This is the Chevelle Malibu that many remember from the late 70's. Now a family car. The El Camino which has always been a strange breed stole the sales and the malibu was becoming a legacy!

1977- With Imports selling in the USA Malibu's and American sale began to drop off. 1977 Chevy Malibu took a change again. Emission dampened the motors, with public approval Chevy stopped making the luxury and focused on economy. BLAH!

1978- Not many Changes from the 77's minor body and grill.

1979- The Lackluster begins to roll off the assembly line.

1980- Becoming Grandma's car the era turns back to the late 60' early 70's Chevelles.

1981-1983- Make em race cars ...that's all they are good for!

1984- Production stops" Thank you Chevy!

1985-1996 The Malibu fans sit on their arses and wait!!!


1997- Chevy releases the Malibu...It's about time. Is that a V6?

1998- Cars begin to make a name for themselves again to bad it is "Lemon"

1999- As you can see I am not impressed with the new models. Although there is hope...

2000- Design changes begin to affect sales...Chevy adds upgrade motors and suspension packages.

2001- Keeping with the trend minor changes from year to year.

2002- Options, options, options you get the idea.

2003- Maybe there is life for the Malibu. Remember performance Chevy?
"Please don't suck the life out of the Malibu...Build it back to SS standard! Then they will sell again!"

2004- Could this be the year...omg SOMEONE HAS LISTENED!!! Chevy has woke up, and the SS is on it's way...

2005- Introduction of the new Malibu and the Malibu/Maxx Chevy has found a winner. Really who doesn't want to have a entertainment system in the back seat? huh?
Ok now instead of that lackluster powerplant. Maybe 8 ponies would be in order.
please keep that DVD ... I like Disney;) when I am flying down the interstate.

2006- With the introduction of the Mustang and Charger. Chevy has thought of redesigning and reinventing the Malibu...keeping its name alive they opt for many body changes. It seems that Chevy is heading in a more "green" Malibu.

2007- The reinvention of the Malibu with the option of a hybrid engine seems to be sparking interest in the Malibu. According to Chevy it has won a car of the year award.

2008- Soon!